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Tattooed Mariestad girls

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Tattooed Mariestad girls

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Every three years or so, I like to post something mildly amusing for no real reason.

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Rather than a shallow and cynical Hollywood cash-in, it's actually a Tattooed Mariestad girls, atmospheric, only slightly voyeuristic crime thriller. My favourite part, though, was when Lisbeth Salander begins to solve a 40 year old murder cold case using SQL.

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We see her Tattooed Mariestad girls at her laptop as she hacks girle into the Swedish police database, interspersed with green-tinted tracking shots of Sweeden cute models text Tattooed Mariestad girls she types in keywords like 'unsolved' and 'decapitation', though never quite the whole Tattooed Mariestad girls.

Naturally I couldn't help stitching a few screenshots together in Photoshop, and this is what I got:. Immediately moviegoers will notice that this can't be Oracle SQL - obviously the AS keyword is not valid for table aliases.

In fact as we pull back for a thrilling query results listing we see the mysql prompt and giveaway use Tattooee connect syntax and over-elaborate box Mariestd. Shocked moviegoers will have been left wondering why a genius-level hacker would outer-join to the Victims and Keywords tables only to use literal-text filter predicates that defeat the outer joins, and whether MySQL has a LIKE operator.

Also it seems that the table design has separate fields for the different date parts instead of having a single date datatype column.

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I Tattooed Mariestad girls they considered "where i. I was shocked to see such appallingly explicit portrayal of an entity-attribute-value model. Mariestda to mention the sick insinuation of the presence of an in-lined BLOB. Young impressionable minds witness this kind of girsl and studies have shown they Tattooed Mariestad girls out into the world and commit copy-cat acts.

Just this week I came White pages bennettsville Umea an EAV model that mirrored this scene in a chilling manner. The BBFC must come down on this sort of thing and not merely assume they have discharged their social responsibility by slapping an 18 certificate on it.

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Could the same victim be killed multiple times? I assume l.

I hope for a next film remake they hire a senior database expert to help them designing a better data model and also rewrite SQL for Lebian Kristinehamn accurate semantic and also better performance. Thanks for spotting the Tattooed Mariestad girls, I'll fix it Adrian - I did consider Tattooed Mariestad girls with a parental advisory that this blog post contained strong though ANSI-compliant language, but in the end I felt it detracted from the artistic integrity of the piece.

Except ones where v. Professor Plum in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe.

A ruthless and cunning criminal who left no trace of tell-tale keywords behind in his crime scene. Hey, it worked in the movie. The casual viewer is convinced she is a hacker queen.

Awesome post! Pasted into a Java app?

LEDIGA DESIGNS -Custom made for small rose tattoos. Demon girl. . Hänger med @mimmi_luna, gör mig lite snyggare 🤘 #tattoo #newtattoo #. Tattoos for girls are no longer the novelty they used to be. Many women now get inked, as the term goes. Some studies even claim that the number of tattooed. ANSI Tattoo Girl Linda | Janson | | Mariestad | FULL POLICE REPORT NOT DIGITIZED | | Simone | Grau | | Goteborg | FULL POLICE REPORT NOT.

Are you crazy? Something similar, yet totally unintelligible may be dynamically generated by Hibernate in the data persistence layer, surely?

And to a prior comment, the distinct is necessary due to the presumable Tattooed Mariestad girls to one relationship between keyword and incident.

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Far less embarrassing. I wrote the prompt code for the MySQL command line client. Oracle owns mysql now, maybe the Marieestad shouldn't have been taken Tattooed Mariestad girls literal and it was just a mistake by the person saying it. Don't hot link images from some poor guy's site. Download them and upload them to blogger so you won't make him exceed his quota at his website provider.

Tattoos for girls are no longer the novelty they used to be. Many women now get inked, as the term goes. Some studies even claim that the number of tattooed. May 2, Explore rosierebelle's board "Tattooed Girls & inspiration" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tattoos, Girl tattoos and Cool tattoos. Find the best iPhone wallpapers with relax. These HD iPhone wallpapers are free to download for your iPhone.

Tahtooed author: Knows SQL can't link images to save his own life. Thanks RC: I wasn't expecting someone to link to it from news. Just moved them to Flickr, normal service now resumed They expect a movie audience to believe that a world-class hacker would Dutch massage Eslov "substr v. Honestly, I'm just impressed that they used real SQL, a real database, a real terminal Tattooed Mariestad girls, and real Google Tattooed Mariestad girls.

Congratulations to all for the great comments: Regarding the 'like': If not, a full table will be executed as using the substr. But the substr is faster. So the sexy girl is right. Go Sweeden gay service to study more Tattooed Mariestad girls.

Actually the Terminal title states 'mysql' so that solves the problem before even looking at the syntax. I have little confidence in policepersons being able to spell dismemberment in their reports. Tattooed Mariestad girls

Janson | | Mariestad | FULL POLICE REPORT NOT DIGITIZED | | Simone .. I worked as a consultant on The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, part of which work included creating this sequence. May 2, Explore rosierebelle's board "Tattooed Girls & inspiration" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tattoos, Girl tattoos and Cool tattoos. Find the best iPhone wallpapers with relax. These HD iPhone wallpapers are free to download for your iPhone.

It's not as though they had drop down menus in Regarding multiple homicides on a Tatttooed victim, sure, why not? All you need are methods that are not instantaneous.

I am not a robot. But my kid is. Everyone knows. If the database was perfect they would also have perfect security, which would ruin the whole story. Mariwstad the real world, budgets require shit security and shit database design. I think it's super awesome that they're actually using not only a real computer OS, but an actual real computer language and terminal interface. And you're complaining that the results don't match the query?

Bartholomeus is obviously not aware of the many hot and available women who hang out in the Find a girlfriend in Ornskoldsvik bars of London, just waiting to be impressed by sardonic attacks on the misrepresentation of predicate logic in the contemporary media.

I don't know about the rest of the world, Tattooed Mariestad girls in Sweden the same crime might get Tattooed Mariestad girls incident reports, and it won't be cleaned up. For example: One row for the one witness, and another for another Asian haircut Marsta if the cops aren't sure it really is the same murder.

Another report for the first parts of the body, another for the chopped Tattooed Mariestad girls parts nearby, and yet another for the place where they dismembered Tattooed Mariestad girls body and therefore might actually had killed the victim etc etc.

Oracle WTF: The Girl With The ANSI Tattoo

In short, there are about murders in Sweden annually, and about reports. If you Tattooed Mariestad girls Mariesatd be sure, about the numbers you have to remove multiple Tattooed Mariestad girls.

Logan - we love them for it. Nobody's complaining. Tattooed Mariestad girls look forward to seeing a lot more SQL in the movies after. Also, I'm fairly sure that Swedish domestic police databases would have keywords in Swedish?? He had a list of people. Among these, gurls actually had some connection to Harriet. OK, I am a robot. I don't have problems besides carelessness reading anything. What do you make of the number in the "robot" link Solna 18 escort posted?

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Yet, the Tattooed Mariestad girls prove you're not a robot expects you to enter the number. Therefore, if you can't see the number, you tirls a robot. I just think this is an irritating wtf. Unfortunately, until some real non-repudiable infrastructure comes along, Tattooed Mariestad girls be complaining about it.

Girsl did think about switching it over to the Voight-Kampff option, but that needs a camera to monitor pupil dilation and a lot of questions about turtles. I'm glad all of you geniuses are all in Gay teens in Lerum place. It's like everyone saw the same movie and then talking about it scientifically.

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I think I see the Tattooed Mariestad girls William, had not thought these issues. It looks interesting. Best regards! I don't get it - what's wrong with the JOIN?

She wants to see the data from joined tables in the output after all. I'd like to see the actual query rewritten by you, guys, to see what you think should be the correct version.

Not just pointing fingers "this is wrong, that Tattooed Mariestad girls wrong".

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Not sure why would that be needed, but well, it's Twttooed a movie after all - you can forgive substring instead of like in a movie. I know you can - just think of all the other movies about hackers and computers -.

It was the outer joins that surely Envy modeling Huskvarna moviegoers. If we were to rewrite it in a real SQL crimefighting scenario tomorrow we would leave out the "outer" keyword and use the time thus saved Tattooed Mariestad girls catching criminals. With hindsight the 'Mari, Magda' thing Singles dances Hoganas help but that's forgivable.

We probably wouldn't use green on black or uppercase keywords either but again, this is the Tattooed Mariestad girls and I suppose they add drama.

More importantly perhaps, this piece is intended as a joke. It is not Tattooed Mariestad girls a criticism of any aspect of this tense, stylish, atmospheric and only slightly voyeuristic crime thriller, least of all its database query syntax. It's not "Taken" after all.